Cuba, a place that was on my list of places to go but probably a fair way from being top. Then suddenly the word was out that the improving relations with the US would lead to investment, and the country becoming a radically different place in the not too distant future.

All this talk led to a reassessment and Cuba moved up the list a few places, and I finally visited in September 2016.

Havana is an intoxicating mix, warm friendly people, great music, fantastic architecture and of course the cars. Heat and humidity necessitates frequent stops at the bars for a cool drink, and the opportunity to enjoy the impromptu visits by the street salsa bands. Unfortunately I also seem to have become rather partial to a tot or two of rum since my visit.

Photo opportunities seem to present themselves around every street corner, and it’s no surprise that you see so many great shots from the place. I certainly would jump at the chance to go back.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the trip:-