I have now had the pleasure of visiting Marrakesh on two occasions most recently in February 2016 and I find it to be a fascinating place to visit, full of unusual sights and sounds. The pale pink masonry combined with the light makes for a nice warm and unique look to the images.

From the perspective of capturing the people, unfortunately it’s quite difficult, as a large percentage of the residents seem to dislike having their picture taken and on seeing a camera they immediately cover their faces or turn away, in some cases they will remonstrate quite excitedly if photographed, which is undoubtedly a great shame as there are characters aplenty. Things are also complicated by the narrow and crowded nature of some of the streets, being light on one’s feet is definitely an advantage when it comes to dodging the motor cycles and carts etc. however an undaunted attitude can pay dividends and can result in some nice captures.

Here are some of my favorites from both trips: