Whitby Goth Weekend

Dead End

A visit to Whitby Goth weekend is an event I always enjoy. A typical visit can be a visual smorgasbord encompassing the beautiful the bizarre and surreal. Many of the participants dress with Whitby’s literary vampire and supernatural associations in mind. Others dress as monks, punks etc, Its all good fun! With this in mind I have in some cases used extreme post processing to reinforce these looks. And so I have shown a selection of images through which I hope to convey my interpretation of the experience that is “Whitby Goth Weekend”

At the window



Tip my hat

Red eye

The Hooded Man

On the bus




Meet me on the corner

Cold stare

Big smile

The Glance

Glittering smile

The look

Man with a gun

Behind the mask

Dark Story

It's just a blimp

The Mask